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The timetable publication tool MyTimetable is available to all FSW staff and students.

What features does MyTimetable offer?

MyTimetable displays all course and training timetables by default and offers the option to create a personal timetable and display it in daily, weekly or list view.

Once you are logged in, you can link the courses you take care of to your personal timetable. You can choose to add other timetables of your own. MyTimetable remembers timetables you add and automatically displays them the next time you log in. These options are also available to other employees.

You can link your timetable from MyTimetable to calendar applications such as Outlook, Google Calendar, Apple Calendar on your smartphone. Once you have done this, schedule changes also appear automatically in your calendar app. In addition, if you wish, you will receive an email notification of the schedule change.

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