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Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are core values of Leiden University. As such, FSW aims to create a community of students and staff in which everyone feels heard and welcome.

FSW Code of Conduct

Both teaching and research are enriched if participants can exchange a diversity of experiences and perspectives. For this enrichment to be successful, it is necessary for each and every student and employee to feel welcome and respected. This Code of Conduct was created to support inclusion. Working or studying at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FSW) means upholding this Code of Conduct.

Upholding the Code of Conduct means that FSW employees and students:

  • behave and express themselves respectfully
  • act with integrity
  • listen without prejudice
  • are open to reflecting on their own interpretations and biases (which may often be implicit)
  • base their arguments/debates on verifiable sources.


For questions about the handling of the FSW Code of Conduct, or about inclusive education in a broader sense, email inclusiveteaching@fsw.leidenuniv.nl. Your question will be taken up by the Diversity and Inclusion experts in the POP Corner and/or FSW Education Policy.

More information about inclusive education

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