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Route and parking at SSH labs

The SSH labs in the Sylvius building are easily accessible from Leiden Central Station and by car. However, parking spaces are limited.

entrance Sylvius builing SSH labs

Opening hours

The Sylvius Building is open Monday to Friday, from 7:00-20:00. The SSH labs are accessible from 9:00 am. On weekends, the building is closed.


Employees are subject to the university's parking policy.

If you are not an employee

Three parking spaces are available for research participants (the researcher can reserve them via the lab manager). The car park can be reached via the barrier at the Goliuspad/Galileiweg junction. Then walk via Galileiweg to the front of the building. People with a disability parking card can park in front of the building. 

As parking space is limited, we recommend coming by public transport and walking from Leiden Central Station. If you do come by car, parking in a public car park is recommended, e.g. parking garage Ehrenfestweg.


Walking or cycling from Leiden Central Station

Visueal walking route via Google Maps

It is about 1.3km.

Leave the station on the side of LUMC/Leiden Bio Science Park. Cross Bargelaan at the zebra crossing and continue walking on the pavement along the cycle path or follow the cycle path. When doing so, LUMC should be visible on the left.

Continue along the cycle path until you reach a small crossing, with the car park right in front of you. Then keep right, continue along the roundabout (past GGZ Rivierduinen on the right and the Pieter de la Court building) until you reach the large junction with the Wassenaarseweg. Turn left there. Continue until you reach the next roundabout, and turn left there. Go left or right around the Nucleus building and there you will find the entrance to the Sylvius (can't really miss it).

After entering through the main entrance, go up the stairs at the back left after the reception desk. You will then find the SSH labs on the second floor.

Map with walking route to the SSH labs
Walking route to the SSH labs

Contact SSH labs

Labsupport SSH

Sylviusweg 72
2333 BE Leiden
+31 71 527 6337

Labmanager Maureen Meekel

Sylviusweg 72
2333 BE Leiden
+31 71 527 4082
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