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SSH labs Sylvius building

The SSH labs in the Sylvius building provide research space for scientists from the Social and Behavioural Sciences and Humanities faculties of Leiden University. The spacious lab spaces with state of the art facilities are suitable for many forms of experimental research within the field of social sciences and humanities.

Sylvius building

Besides a large number of multifunctional lab spaces, SSH labs include several VR labs, a classroom lab and labs for research on economic decision making. Researchers can count on extensive support.

The SSH labs in the Sylvius building are an addition to the existing SSH labs in the Pieter de la Court building, Lipsius building and PJ Veth Building.

Locatie en bereikbaarheid

De SSH-labs bevinden zich op de tweede verdieping van het Sylviusgebouw (Sylviusweg 72). 

Het Sylviusgebouw is goed bereikbaar met het openbaar vervoer, de auto en de fiets.

Contact SSH labs

Lab manager SSH

Sylviusweg 72
2333 BE Leiden
2nd floor
Maureen van Meekel and Auke Ruhe Lab manager a.i.
The email address of the lab manager will be in use from 15 September 2023. Until then you can contact Maureen Meekel or Auke Ruhe if you have any questions.
Auke Ruhe ICT & Research Coordinator
+31 71 527 2617
Maureen Meekel Labmanager
+31 71 527 4082
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