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How to find and re-use existing video materials

Before you start creating text and visual content for your educational video, make sure you have a clear picture of your learning objectives and how you are going to assess these. When you have established these, you can further develop what you want to teach. Keep in mind that there is already a lot of material out there from teaching colleagues worldwide for you to re-use, like videos, images etc. Re-using this material can save you time. Make sure to always give the right context and explanation when using videos from others.

If you want to find out if there is relevant material  out there that you can re-use, you can take a look at the following pages:

Want to check out more databases? Take a look at the Copyright section of this video toolkit where we discuss copyright and creative commons.

 Is the content you’re looking for not yet out there? Then you can start creating your own. You can look at step 2 and 3 in this toolkit for inspiration.

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