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Animation is a fun way to explain complicated theories and concepts, in which the visual aid plays a central role and is based around a storyline. An animation can be a stand-alone video with a voice-over but can also be used as part of a talking head video or screencast.

Animation on diversity

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When to use this format? When you want:

  • To make difficult concepts comprehensible.
  • To visualise abstract concepts.
  • To make a creative and attractive video!

Keep in mind that you:

  • Need enough time to create an extensive script.
  • Might need an animator/ graphic designer to help you.
  • Will have to spend a lot of time and/or money to develop something of high quality.
  • Using an existing animation published under open license can be a timesaving option. 

You can make an animation yourself. You can also contact your video coordinator to see what the more professional animation options are within your faculty.

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