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Demonstrations can be used to show and explain a skill or procedure in a setting from practice, like a lab or (fictitious) courtroom.

Demonstration DNA extraction from the MOOC ‘Genetic Privacy: Should we be concerned?’

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When to use this format? When you want:

  • Your students to learn a certain skill or procedure.
  • To prepare your students for an experiment.
  • To use the strength of video (show don’t tell).
  • To model behaviour through roleplays.

Keep in mind that you:

  • Need to script and prepare your shoot very well, during a procedure every actions needs to be well executed and framed so you see the details.
  • Have all the materials (a few duplicates to be able to repeat) and a location at your disposal.
  • Prepare well, often you can only do the demonstration a limited amount of times
  • Can also ask your students to record a demonstration, in which they portray a specific skill or procedure.

Keep in mind that recording a demonstration usually needs multiple cameras to capture different angles. Contact your video coordinator to find out what the options are at your faculty.

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