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Fiction film

A fiction film portrays a narrative with well thought out characters as realistically as possible with the use of actors, lighting and decor. The strength of a fiction film is being able to relay a deeper meaning in an entertaining and artistic way.

Fiction film ‘On being a scientist’, produced by Bas Haring & Leiden University

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When to use this format? When you:

  • Want to reenact a scenario of which a similar example is unavailable.
  • Want a creative and engaging video concept.
  • Have a plot which adequately conveys your intended educational message and content.

Keep in mind that:

  • You need to have a plot, characters and location which complement each other.
  • You are very dependent on good actors that can act out the scenario well.

Recording a fiction film needs a strong storyline, and enough preparation time in combination with an extensive video crew. Contact your video coordinator to find out what the options are at your faculty.

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