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Talking head

A talking head is a video in which the presenter is recorded from the waist up. This format usually includes visual aids like slides, a board, an object or an animation. This can be recorded in your office, at home or in the studio. If you consider recording in your office or at home, you might want to take a look at the webcam option.

Knowledge clip with Dr. Marieke Liem, MOOC ‘Risk in Modern Society’, Talking head with visuals

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When to use this format? When you want to:

  • Explain theories and concepts.
  • Integrate engaging lectures in your (course) design.
  • Prepare your students for in depth (flipped) classroom sessions.

Keep in mind that you:

  • Need a professional production studio or a quiet place with good audio and lighting.
  • Have to provide strong visuals and interact with your ‘on screen’ images.
  • Might need to learn how to use an autocue.
  • Keep it short and sweet: The optimal video length is 6 minutes.

You can record a talking head by yourself, for example with a webcam in your office or at home. 

You can also contact your video coordinator to discuss possibilities for a professional recording, for example in a studio.

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