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You can quite simply make videos with your webcam or smartphone. This format is used mostly when you want to give a quick response or update.

Webcam video with Prof. dr. Sonia M. Ospina on Public Leadership

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When to use this format? When you want to:

  • Give quick feedback and announcements.
  • Introduce yourself or someone else.
  • Connect with your students in an informal way.
  • Explain an assignment your students have to hand in (for example when you receive specific questions along the way).
  • Hook into the news, or a recent event.

Keep in mind that:

  • You use an external microphone for good sound quality.
  • This format is best for short, informal videos.
  • The position of the camera is very important: make sure you place the webcam at eye level for the most natural look.

You can use a webcam to record yourself. See here how you can do this

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