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Step 3: Prepare

The first phase of creating a video starts without a camera or microphone. In the pre-production phase the learning goals and content of the video are developed and put into a clear storyline. A well thought through video-script is key for effective video making. And remember: do not underestimate the importance of good preparation. This will ultimately save you time.

Step 3: Prepare

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How to get it done?

  • Make sure you plan every phase of the production process in your calendar: preparation, recording and post-production. 
  • With regards to the preparation: it is recommended to block dedicated time in your agenda to write down what you want to say, find your visuals and take time to do reviews and practice.
  • Keep in mind that it is probably better to select the topics you want to turn into a video; some topics might be better suited for a different type of learning activity.
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