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How to record a do-it-yourself video

Recording with your computer or tablet
Whether you want to make a screencast or a simple voice or webcam recording, this is all possible with Kaltura, our Leiden University Video Portal. You can learn more about the different options provided by Kaltura such as Capture and Webcam Recording here.

Creating simple animations
Animations can be a playful way to explain theories, concepts or cases in your video. There are a lot of applications and software you can use for creating your own animations.

Equipment and quality
You can use different kinds of equipment, depending on whether you’re going to record audio only (a podcast), a screencast, or video with a webcam, phone or camcorder. For a quick and easy recording you can use the webcam and microphone on your computer. By using an external microphone you can get a significantly better audio quality. Webcams and HD webcams provide good video quality nowadays, but you can also use a video- or photo camera on a tripod.

Different recording options
Depending on the faculty you belong to, there might be different tools and accessories you can use to create a video by yourself. If you want to know what’s available at your faculty, or if you have any other questions ask your video coordinator.

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