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Tips and tricks for recording a do-it-yourself video

Audio and location
When you are recording your video, make sure you are in a quiet room with as little background noise as possible. Also, speak up! A lot of times you will speak softer and softer and by the end of your video you won’t be intelligible anymore. So try to keep your speaking volume loud enough.

Keep it steady
The way you handle the camera will affect the end result. Try to find a way to keep your camera steady, for example by using a tripod. Make sure your camera or webcam is at eye level to achieve the most natural result.

Always make sure the light comes from behind the camera, so it shines on your face. Do not sit in front of a window, as you will become a silhouette with too much backlighting.

Make sure you’re not wearing something distracting such as very colourful clothing or busy patterns (stripes or polka dots) on camera and check that your clothing has enough contrast with the background. Also be aware that if the light comes from above, your glasses might reflect the light; in this case your viewers can’t see your eyes.

Address your audience
Remember: even though your students are not present when you are recording, they are the people you are talking to. Address your students, try not to act like you are talking to a camera.

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