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Health and leave

These exceptional times demand a great deal of flexibility and adaptability. Nor more than ever it is important to get some rest and recuperation. If you are suffering from corona symptoms, call your doctor.

If you have coronavirus or what appear to be the symptoms, call your doctor. If you are unable to work, please follow the regular procedure for calling in sick. You do not have to inform your manager if you have tested positive for coronavirus.

Staying healthy while working from home

Healthy University @Home

Working from home isn’t always easy. Healthy University @Home has a number of tips on how to stay healthy when working from home. Below is a selection:

  1. Keep in touch with your colleagues

    Human contact is an important part of your daily work, not only because you can bounce ideas off each other or work together but also because you get some social interaction. You can use various digital tools, such as Microsoft Teams, to keep in touch with your colleagues.
  2. Lower the bar

    We can’t expect to perform at our best during these extraordinary times. Lower your expectations and make sure you take a break between stressful activities.
  3. Get some exercise

    Exercise keeps you fit and reduces stress. Go for a walk or follow a class at the University Sports Centre via Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Also remember to take regular breaks and change your posture frequently. Six hours typing a day is the maximum and you should divide this into sessions of no more than two hours, and take a 15-minute break after each session.
  4. Don’t forget to take your holiday leave

    A good way to get some rest and recuperation is to take the day off. This is relaxing and reduces stress. If you still have statutory leave from 2019, discuss this with your manager and make sure you take this leave before 1 July 2020. Otherwise it will expire. You can request leave in Self Service via Remote Workplace.
  5. Seek expert help

    With stress it can help to empty your mind. Talk to someone you trust about your worries. If you need more help, contact one of the HRM coaches at coacheshealthyuniversity@bb.leidenuniv.nl. The coach may advise you to contact the University doctor. Alternatively, you can always contact your own doctor

Calling in sick

If you are unable to work, please follow the regular procedure for calling in sick. Also do this now you are working from home.

Cancelled holiday

Your holiday may have been cancelled because of the corona crisis. If you have taken leave but will be working after all, discuss with your manager how you will adjust your leave request. Despite the extraordinary circumstances, the rules on holidays and expiry periods still apply.

Long-term sickness

If you have been off sick for a longer period, there will be reintegration obligations that must be met. We will follow these statutory terms as much as possible, but if this is not feasible owing to the corona crisis, we will notify the UWV explaining why. We are asking managers to comply with gatekeeper obligations.

Appointments with the University doctor

The University doctor will conduct appointments by telephone where possible. If this is not possible, the appointment will be rescheduled or cancelled in consultation with you. Please contact the University doctor to determine what is best for you.

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