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Security and working from home

Working securely is particularly important in these times of crisis, for three reasons:

  1. Innovative solutions are required to ensure that everybody, everywhere, can continue to work. Sometimes data may end up in places that may not be secure or that may even be prohibited by privacy regulations.
  2. Cyber criminals, like those who recently targeted Maastricht University, are poised to take advantage of organisations’ reduced vigilance. It is no coincidence that Maastricht was targeted during the Christmas break. At our university too we have seen a surge in hacking attempts – such as phishing, for instance.
  3. More applications than usual can now temporarily be accessed from home, even those that – for security and social control reasons – can normally only be opened from a university location.

Work securely, wherever you are

  • Ensure that your home computer, mobile phone and tablets are equipped with the latest security updates. These updates are automatically installed on all laptops managed by Leiden University.
  • Ensure effective protective software on the Windows systems of your home computer and/or laptop. The systems managed by the ISSC are equipped with such software.
  • Leave information and files on the University systems or transfer them to OneDrive. Do not email such files to Hotmail, Gmail etc.
  • Do not save University files on the local drive of your home computer, or make sure to remove them after use. Use OneDrive to save University files.
  • Close your browser (tab) when you finish working and do not allow your browser to save passwords.
  • Don’t leave your computer unattended, even at home, and use a different account from other family members.
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