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Working hours and duties

For many of us, working from home is a challenge; for some of us it is impossible. What do the government measures mean for the continuity of your work?

Flexible working hours

Working from home may be difficult under the present circumstances. For instance, for parents whose children are now at home or for carers. We understand that you will be unable to work at the same level as usual and that your routine is different from at work. For many it is hard to find a work-life balance. Healthy University @Home offers tips on how to be healthy and effective when working from home.

Statement for daycare or school

If you are a key worker at the University, for instance if you are involved in providing or organising remote teaching, the University can provide a letter stating as such. This will give your child(ren) access to school or daycare. To request this, send an email to the PSSC Service Point.

You are unable to do all or some of your work from home

If the nature of your work makes it impossible or unnecessary to do this from home, your manager may ask you to come into work. For instance:

  • if your presence is needed to keep the University running,
  • if the working conditions allow you to come to the University,
  • if your work cannot be interrupted, for example an experiment.

It goes without saying that we will provide a working environment that meets the hygiene requirements.

Exemption from work

In some instances, you may qualify for an exemption, which means you will not have to book leave.

  1. If you belong to a risk group, you may under no circumstances come to the University. If it is not possible for your work to continue and there is no alternative work, you will be exempted from work. This is in consultation with your manager.
  2. If you can work from home but do not have enough work to fill 100% of your time, you will be exempted from work for the hours that you cannot work. This is in consultation with your manager.

Leiworks: help colleagues with their work

If you are at home and have no work to do, perhaps you would like to help out a busy colleague, so that we can get through this period together? You could consider volunteering for Leiworks.

P&D interviews

The corona crisis is undoubtedly affecting your work. If you have a P&D interview planned, this can go ahead in most cases. In your P&D interview, you and your manager look back at the past year and make agreements for the coming one. Your manager will not only look at the current period. If it is necessary to postpone your P&D interview, your manager will discuss this with you. This may not be postponed by more than two months. For more information see Tips and tricks: Performance & Development agreements in times of corona.

Business trips

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises only travelling if this is strictly necessary. If you have planned a business trip, consider whether the trip is essential or whether it can be postponed. For all business trips, you need permission from a faculty board or director. More information about business trips and travel advice.

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