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Factsheet Zoom

Zoom is available to LEI lecturers, staff and students.

No sensitive personal information is allowed to be shared

Create a safe remote learning environment in twelve steps. This visual supports safe use of Kaltura Live Rooms, MS Teams and Zoom. 

What if a student doesn’t feel safe attending courses in Zoom? 

The Leiden University guarantees a safe learning environment for every student. If a student feels Zoom is not that safe environment, the student can request an alternative solution. We ask our lecturers to respond to those requests. If you’re a student and you don’t want to use Zoom we ask you to:

  1. Contact your lecturer and request for another solution.  
  2. If it’s not possible to contact your lecturer or you can’t come to an understanding with your lecturer, please contact the counselor in your faculty. This is different within each faculty. 
  3. If you’re still experiencing difficulties, please contact the data protection officer of Leiden University at fg@bb.leidenuniv.nl

Why is using your ULCN-account to login to Zoom more safe? 

Leiden University has its own Zoom license. The technique is customized with maximum privacy and security in mind. 

I am using the free Zoom version through my university email account; will this cause a problem on January 22? 
No, this will not create a problem. All university email accounts are automatically linked to the Zoom university license. If you wish to use the free Zoom version privately, you can use a private email account to do so.

Training & support

  • Zoom has organized special training sessions for the lecturers of the Leiden University. You can watch the recorded training session here
  • Find FAQ's, Quick start guides and tutorials on Zoom.us. Want to take advantage of the various free Zoom webinars? Log in at the spot with your ULCN account using the SSO option (Single Sign On; bottom left of the login block) and sign in.
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