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Hybrid teaching support service available for lecturers

25 January 2022

If you need help with your hybrid teaching, you can apply for support via the helpdesk portal. The support service will be provided by student assistants who can:

  • help you install and use a mobile webcam,
  • provide online or on-campus moderation and technical support during lectures, seminars and tutorials.

Apply for the support service in advance

Log in the helpdesk portal and click on the 'Teaching support & digital learning environment' tile.

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Ad-hoc support

You can also request help if you experience technical problems during your lecture or tutorial. Call the helpdesk at 071 527 8888 and select the option: Teacher Support. If necessary, a student assistant will come to the room as soon as possible.

What can you expect from a moderator and from technical support?

The moderator has four main tasks during online/hybrid teaching:

  1. Providing technical support to lecturers and students

    The moderators have been trained in Kaltura Live Rooms, Zoom, MS Teams and MS Life Events, and can help solve problems with webcams or microphones. They can also help users find the right buttons for screen sharing, for example, or start or stop recording.
  2. Welcoming students to the room and online

    The moderator will be in the room or online from the start of the hour, to admit students as they arrive. The moderator will also share welcome messages and community guidelines with those present.
  3. Helping to install the webcam

    The moderator can help you install and use the mobile webcam and other equipment.
  4. Helping solve minor technical problems with the webcam

    Most faculties have installed video equipment in their rooms. If you experience technical problems with this, call 071-527 8888 and select the option: Teaching support.

More information

For information on hybrid or online teaching and tools, see the Teaching Support site. If you have questions about hybrid or online teaching, please contact your faculty’s support desk.

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