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Reporting unsafe situations

What should you do when things go wrong? In there is of burglary, accident or another unsafe situation? Or in the event of theft, damage or failure? A different procedure applies for incidents that take place during working hours than for incidents reported outside working hours or in case of emergency.

Unsafe situations

In the event of an immediately threatening situation, please directly contact the police at 1-1-2. For other safety-related issues you can contact security manager André Morsman during working hours.

Reporting incidents outside working hours (17.30 - 8.30 hrs)

In case of an emergency outside working hours, please contact

  • Security company Huschka at 06 26 97 50 16 (Leiden University)
  • ASC Trigion at 088 298 15 00 (Campus Den Haag)

Failure or damage

Please contact the service desk of your building, or if your building has no service desk, please contact security manager Leo Harskamp.

Calamities and accidents

It is essential that you report all occupational accidents, but also near-accidents, dangerous situations and needle-stick incidents.

  • Occupational accidents

Immediately call the internal alarm number. Then report the accident to the secretariat of the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE/VGM) department at 071 527 8015.

  • Needle-stick incidents

Please contact the University doctor via 071 527 8015.

  • Danger, aggression, violence or sexual intimidation

Report such incidents to the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE/VGM) department via the online report form.