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Procurement, purchasing and ordering

Do you wish to purchase or order something on behalf of the University? You need to take into account a number of procurement procedures. For example, the University makes use of framework contracts. Do you do need temporary staff? You can read all about it on the page of HR.

Procurement procedures

Does your purchase not fall under a framework contract, and does it exceed a certain amount? Then you are obliged to issue a tender.

Service portal

A variety of ordering processes are currently in place at the University. The Service portal is a single system to place all your orders: from furniture to coffee to chemicals to pens.

Framework contracts

If you wish to order something for your work that the University has a fixed supplier for, you are obliged to order the item in question (or have it ordered) from the relevant company. More information about ordering:

Overview framework contracts

Leiden University has signed contracts (framework and other) with these suppliers for specific products.

More information about where to order

Hiring temporary staff

If you need to hire temporary staff, there are various options ranging from temps to independent contractors to temporary contracts to secondment. Always consult your HR department before hiring staff.

Research equipment

The purchase of research equipment falls under the Procurement Law. Both the legislator and subsidy providers require strict compliance with this law. In addition, you are also required to comply with the University procurement rules.

Real estate

Leiden University has an extensive real estate portfolio. Our Real Estate Directorate is responsible for realising and maintaining all university buildings. If you wish to make modifications to a building, you have to take into account a number of agreements.

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