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Synchronising mail and calendar

With webmail you can access your email and agenda easily when you are away from your physical workplace. Then you do not need to synchronise. Do you want to install Outlook and synchronise your work mail and calendar on your own laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone? Here you will find how.

Access without synchronising

You can access your work email and calendar on your own laptop or desktop at home or on your tablet or smartphone. The easiest way is using webmail. Then you do not need to synchronise.

Log in to webmail

How do you synchronise your e-mail and calendar via your default email client?

You can also do this using the default email client on your device. Synchronisation using Microsoft’s Outlook app is not permitted. If you synchronise your email and/or your calendar, you must make sure your device  secured properly.

To synchronise your work email and calendar on your mobile phone or tablet, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and select Accounts
  2. If your device offers you a choice between Exchange mail, POP3 and IMAP, select Exchange mail
  3. Enter the information below:
Email address
[The email address of your work email]
[Your ULCN username]
[Your ULCN password]
[For example: University]

Problems with synchronising?

Having difficulties synchronising your work email and calendar on your mobile device? Take a look at the instruction manual on the helpdesk portal.

Mobile and tablet
iOs, Android, Windows 10
Laptop and desktop
Outlook for Windows
Outlook for Mac
Apple mail and calendar for Mac
Thunderbird for Linux
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