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Strong leadership is essential for building an open and learning organisation.

Leiden University’s leadership model is based on four competences that can be used in different roles within the University. HRM Learning & Development offers a range of training courses, and new courses will be added in the coming year.


Leadership with impact

Role: leading others

This course starts with deepening your self-knowledge by learning more about your personal qualities, pitfalls and automatic behaviour patterns, both conscious and unconscious. This forms the basis for leading others. You will also work on your coaching skills and interview techniques. These are your most important tools as a manager for motivating and guiding others in their professional development. You will learn how to lead your colleagues and teams, and how to implement your vision and encourage integrative decision-making. You will also acquire tools for creating a safe and pleasant work atmosphere, in which everyone feels heard and is able to commit to the decisions taken.

Leading from the middle

Role: leading a team

‘Leading from the middle’ is a leadership programme for people with a key role within the University. You are situated at the centre of the organisation and serve as a link between the operational management teams and the academic staff. In this role you often have to deal with complex issues. As well as handling financial and HR issues, you are expected to be able to act as a partner to the operational directors and academic staff. This course provides you with numerous tools to help you more effectively define your stance and exert influence in the University’s complex landscape. You will work on an organisational issue with colleagues who fulfil a similar role. This business case will give you insight into the important operating processes within the University. A number of experts and guest speakers will also provide input during the course.

Academic Leadership 

Role: leading an organisation

The Academic Leadership course prepares professors, senior lecturers (UHDs) and directors for more extensive administrative duties within their institute, faculty or service unit. This course combines theory and practice, with a focus on your own personal experience. It is delivered by experienced trainers who facilitate and monitor the learning process. The members of the Executive Board engage in discussion with the course participants, while a number of topics are presented by internal experts, to ensure that the course closely matches the state of affairs within our organisation.

Participants in this programme are nominated by the Faculty Board. If you are interested in taking part, please let your HR adviser or dean know.

Educational Leadership

Role: leading an organisation

The Educational Leadership course is offered in the context of LDE, the alliance between Leiden University, Delft University of Technology and Erasmus University Rotterdam. The course aims to help participants develop a broad and practice-oriented vision on teaching and educational innovation. The course covers themes such as: vision on education, assessment and assessment policy, study performance, curriculum structure, didactic models, and quality assurance and accreditation.

Participants in this programme are nominated by the Faculty Board. If you are interested in taking part, please let your HR adviser or dean know.

Skills Labs

A good conversation

What does it take to have a good conversation in the workplace? How do you deepen your understanding of the person you’re talking to? How do you express yourself clearly? And how can you talk to each other about difficult topics? This Skills Lab is an interactive and dynamic training programme for staff members in formal or informal leadership positions (both academic and support staff).

Use your strengths to communicate

Can you identify your own communication style and those of the people around you? Can you switch between different styles to create a better rapport? Can you both give and receive truly constructive feedback? This Skills Lab will strengthen your powers of communication. The course is intended for all University staff members.

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