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Double doctorate

You may choose to do a double doctorate at Leiden University. However, you may only study for a PhD based on collaboration with another university or institution if the Doctorate Board has granted you permission to do so.

Double doctorate

A double doctorate or co-tutelle means that you earn a PhD from Leiden University and another Dutch or foreign university with one dissertation. The PhD programme is provided jointly by Leiden University and the partner university. The PhD ceremony must take place at Leiden University. You are awarded two degrees at the end of the programme, one from each institution.

Double doctorate sample contract

If you wish to do a double doctorate, you must have both universities sign a contract.

Download the double doctorate sample contract

Joint doctorate

A joint doctorate means that you write a thesis under the responsibility of two educational institutions. These can be Dutch or foreign universities. At the PhD ceremony, you receive one degree from the two institutions. It is not possible to earn a joint doctorate at Leiden University.

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