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Manage your academic identity with ORCID

24 January 2022

Open Researcher and Contributor Identifier (ORCID) is an international system for the persistent identification of academic authors. It is a non-proprietary system, managed by an international consortium consisting of universities, national libraries, research institutes and data repositories.

How to activate your ORCID account.

What are the main advantages?

  • Using ORCID enhances the findability and the visibility of your publications and your research data. Systems such as Web of Science and Scopus offer their users the possibility to search on the basis of ORCID identifiers. Research results which are associated with an ORCID can be found more effectively in such bibliographic databases.
  • As a global system, ORCID is not linked to one university in particular, and this means that you can easily take all the information associated with ORCID with you when you accept a position at a different university. Information about your new publications can be added automatically to your ORCID record, by making use of the auto-update functionality.
  • Additionally, ORCID makes it easier for you to keep your list of publications in LUCRIS up-to-date, since it is also possible to import data from your ORCID profile.
  • You have complete control over the visibility settings of all of your information, as explained in the ORCID privacy policy

More information can be found on the website of the University Library.

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