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LeidenGlobal Lecture Series for PhD's & Research Master's students

29 August 2022

Beyond Discipline and Place in the Social Sciences and the Humanities

The Leiden academic community is a good setting for highlighting the nexus of scholarly disciplines with places in the world. The notion of disciplines is taken broadly to include thematically and methodologically defined approaches to knowledge.

This lecture series will help you position your work, with regard to your current project and to your professional development at large. You will work with experienced, committed scholars from a variety of backgrounds. They will each tackle the same central questions from their own vantage point, and with reference to their own experience as researchers. See the course outline.

You will review some material in preparation for each session, and attend two sessions per week, from late September to late November. If you're worried about the time this will take away from your own research, think twice. Seeing the bigger picture is as useful as it is inspiring, and stepping back from the pressure cooker of your own project to connect with fellow students in other fields can be a very productive thing – not to mention that it's fun!

Application deadline: Monday 12 September 2022 

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About the LeidenGlobal Lecture Series

The LeidenGlobal lecture Series is an annual lecture series for PhD candidates and Research Master's students at LeidenGlobal partner institutions. Previous editions have received highly favourable evaluations:

“.. a very good course, allowing for inspiring discussions, enlightening topics that broaden my scope, and coming into contact with ideas and concepts that I did not previously consider or was aware of”

"I enjoyed seeing different teaching styles and I was surprised how almost every session held some interesting link to my research, or the kind of issues that I am interested in in a more general way."

“I would recommend this course, it had a really big impact on how I look at any courses I take now, but perhaps even more so on how I engage during lectures and with others; more respectful, more critical (questioning things normally taken for granted), and has given me an outpour of creative projects as well.”

More information

For more information, please write to info@leidenglobal.nl or contact the person responsible for PhD or Research Master's training in the faculty.

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