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Motorhuisgarage closes, new parking option at Ehrenfestweg

6 September 2022

The lease agreement with the municipality of Leiden for the Motorhuis garage expires on 1 October 2022, which means that the possibility for University staff to park here will end. 

A new parking option has been opened on August 15: the Ehrenfestgarage at the Ehrenfestweg. 

This garage is not for University staff, except for staff of Archaeology and the University Sports Centre. The request for access goes through the same channels as for your current parking pass of the Motorhuisgarage. 

If you have a valid subscription, please contact parkeren@vastgoed.leidenuniv.nl. We will arrange for you to pick up a pass at the porter's lodge of the Ehrenfestgarage daily between 7.30 - 9.30 am. The garage is open 24/7. After you have driven in for the first time, the system will link your pass to your license plate and you will be able to drive in with your license plate every day thereafter. We recommend that you always carry your pass with you, for example to open the side door. 

Your access to the Motorhousegarage is cancelled. You must return your parking pass as soon as you receive a parking pass for the Ehrenfestgarage. 

Please do so quickly, as the staff from facilities will need some time to sort this out, especially as you will probably not be the only one with this request. 

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