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Start lemonade pilot in restaurant Pieter de la Court

5 September 2022

You can now tap water and lemonade from a post mix system in the restaurant of the Pieter de la Court Building. This is a more sustainable and healthier alternative to soft drinks in disposable bottles and cans.

Healthy and accessible to all

The soft drinks do not contain any animal-based ingredients and are therefore 100% vegetarian. They are also free from allergens, added sugars and aspartame. These low-calorie drinks do, however, contain vitamins and minerals. Their low calorific value (maximum 6 kcal per 100ml) means they are also suitable for a low-carb diet.

In January 2023, the UFB will evaluate the pilot and make the corresponding adjustments. If the pilot is a success, the post mix system will also be implemented at other locations. During the pilot, soft drinks can only be bought at the FSW Café and in vending machines.

What is a post mix system?

With a post mix system, you help yourself to your drink of choice. The device mixes the drink on demand using syrup and ice-cold water, and pours this into your glass or reusable drinking bottle. You can choose still or sparkling water for every drink. Of course, you may also choose water, still or sparkling, without any flavouring. Thanks to the post mix system, there are reductions in the transport, processing, storage and cooling of the PET bottles. The university will thus reduce CO2 emissions by around 90%.

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