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Allocation of funds for starter and incentive grants

7 November 2022

In June, Robbert Dijkgraaf, Minister of Education, Culture and Science, announced additional investments in higher education and research. These are in the form of ‘starter and incentive grants’.
The aim of these grants is to reduce the workload and the competition and pressure to obtain grants as well as to encourage non-programmed research. They tie in well with the ambitions of our Strategic Plan ‘Innovating and Connecting’. 

Allocation of funds

The additional investments are not enough to cover all lecturers and researchers who are eligible for these grants. This applies not only to our university but to all institutions. The Executive Board has decided to distribute the funds among the faculties (incl. LUMC) on the basis of student numbers. The faculties are currently working on faculty frameworks. At the end of November, the Executive Board will decide on the basis of these frameworks how the funds will be allocated to the faculties. 

Read more about the starter and incentive grants.

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