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Invitation to presentation of Jaap Doek Children's Rights Prize on 6 December 2022

22 November 2022

Defence for Children and Leiden University will present the Jaap Doek Children's Rights Thesis Prize for the 10th time on 6 December 2022. This prize is awarded to the best thesis in the field of children's rights. The competition can be entered by both law students and students from other disciplines. This thesis prize was established in November 2012 in honour of Professor Jaap Doek for his outstanding achievements in the field of children's rights both in the Netherlands and worldwide.

Nominated theses

  1. Mateo Fatsani Chitha

Domestic Courts' Guidelines Framework on Disposition of Children with Disabilities in Conflict with the Law

  1. Charlotte Parree

Lijden kent geen leeftijd; actieve levensbeëindiging wel

  1. Yaël Pelegrin

A Child Rights Based Proposal for the Regulation of Commercial Sharenting

  1. Elizabeth Hood

The Rights of the Boy on the Beach: Proposing a children's rights-based approach to news reporting on migrant children

  1. Kübra Begüm Simsek

Constitutional Recognition of Children's Right to Participate in Democratic Decision-Making

  1. Laetitia Moerdijk

Over seks, bescherming en autonomie. De strafbaarstgeling van seks tussen en met jeugdigen van twaalf tot zestien jaar en het daarbij geldende hoorrecht getoetst aan het internationale kader

The theses are judged on the importance and scope of the topic, the quality of the substantive argumentation and its connection to children's rights, and attention to methodology and use of sources. In addition, creativity and readability are important. The theses are assessed by a five-member jury, this year consisting of Sharon Detrick, Wouter Vandenhole, Karin Arts, Ton Liefaard and chairman Jaap Doek.

 Read more about the programme for the presentation of the prize on 6 December 2022.

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