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Search the scholarly literature more efficiently with AI

13 April 2023

Search for any topic whatsoever in Google Scholar and you will be inundated with more articles than you will ever be able to read. It is hard to get an overview of your research field when you search in the usual way. A new blog series explains how artificial intelligence (AI) can help effectively search the scholarly literature.

The blog series ‘AI in Scholarly Literature Search’ introduces you to new tools that use AI to tackle information overload. These are being created for systematic reviews in particular. How can these tools help you keep up with research trends, get new ideas and delve deeper into your research topic? Staff from the UBL will explain the theoretical basis and the pros and cons of each technique. The focus lies on how to use them in practice.

A new blog in this series will be published every month. Various applications will be covered, including Connected Papers, Semantic Scholar, Scite, Research Rabbit, Open Knowledge Maps and Elicit. The first blog is about VOSviewer, a handy tool that helps you create an overview of the academic landscape by grouping related terms and articles.

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