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Deadline library acquisition requests upcoming semester: 31 July 2023

5 July 2023


Requesting hardcopy books
It is important to request new material for courses well in advance of the start of the new semester because of the expected delays in delivery. Requests submitted via the acquisition request form will be reviewed by the subject librarian within one week, after which it may take several weeks for the book to arrive at the library. We kindly urge faculty staff to submit requests before 31 July to ensure that all material is available on time. Please indicate whether the requested books are required literature; if so, the book will be marked as non-loanable to prevent students from missing out.

Scheduling library instructions
The library has been providing tailor-made library instructions for students in master’s programmes for the last number of years. Lecturers can decide for themselves if, and when, they want to make use of these instructions. We have noticed an increased demand for these instructions at the start of each semester. To ensure the best quality instructions within the available timeslots, we would like to ask faculty staff to schedule these instructions as soon as possible. 

Online access and subscription requests
E-books can be requested via the acquisition form and are easily accessible, but they often cost significantly more than the printed version. Budget may occasionally be a deciding factor. Additionally, some publishers choose not to offer an electronic version to the library. Which means that online access upon request cannot always be guaranteed. New (e)Journals and databases can also be requested through the purchase request form. Please be aware that this process can take several months.

Who to contact:

Stan Popescu is the contact person for questions regarding individual books, journals, and library instructions.

Nathaniël Linssen is the contact person for questions regarding Legal Intelligence and other databases.


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