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Do you have space to spare in your home? Rent out a room to a student

14 August 2023

Next month, thousands of new students will start a study or exchange programme at Leiden University. Many of them are still looking for a room, but time is running out. Do you have a spare room in your house? Then these students desperately need your help.

Together with Hospi Housing, Leiden University is looking for hosts and host families to temporarily rent out a room to (international) students. Last year we helped 50 students by offering them a Dutch Homestay experience.

How does it work?

Homestay rental is already possible for periods as short as two months. Hospi Housing offers personal advice and helps you find the perfect match. Being a host is enriching, fun and provides a nice extra income: per year you can earn up to €5881,- tax-free. But the most important thing is that you provide shelter for someone in need.

Is a permit required?

In Leiden, renting out a room in your house is allowed without a permit. In The Hague, temporarily renting out a room in your home is allowed without a permit if you’re a one-person household. If your household consists of two or more people, you can request a permit. This is possible in nine neighborhoods in the city.

Want to know more?

Are you interested in becoming a host, or do you know someone with a spare room in their home? Check out www.hospihousing.com or send an email to info@hospihousing.com.

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