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From 1 August no more disposable products in the cafes and restaurants: reusable tableware will become standard

3 August 2023

As we announced last month, starting 1 August, no disposable products will be provided in university cafes and restaurants. Want to take a cup of coffee or tea to your workplace? Then bring your own cup or choose the reusable Billie Cup.

Leiden University wants to contribute to a sustainable society, a healthy climate and less litter and waste. Therefore, reusable tableware will become the standard. In university cafes and restaurants, so-called ‘Billie Cups’ will be available for this purpose. If you return these reusable cups, you will receive a ‘Billie Coin’ that you can use next time for a clean Billie Cup or a one-euro discount on your purchase. You can also use your own cup or mug, or use the regular tableware offered on site. Disposable cups will also be phased out in the hot-drinks machines this fall.

By no longer offering disposable cups and tableware, Leiden University is implementing new national and European legislation on disposable plastic. The goal is to completely eliminate disposable plastic products as of 1 January 2024. Until then, we want to gradually move towards becoming a single-use-plastic-free university.

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