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Parental leave, overtime allowance and more now arranged via the Service Portal

12 September 2023

From 13 September, seven frequently used applications can be done online via the Service Portal instead of PDF-forms:

Also from 13 September, work phone details (landline or mobile phone number) can be changed separately from workplace details (building and room).

For every application there’s a Knowledge Item available in the Helpdesk Portal with a step-by-step explanation how to apply. Click on an application in the list above to go to the corresponding Knowledge Item. Or look up the Knowledge Item in the Helpdesk Portal.

Please note: from 1 October 2023, PDF-forms for the applications listed above will no longer be processed.

Any questions?

Please contact the PSSC Service Desk via helpdesk.universiteitleiden.nl or 071 527 5555.

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