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From 15 November onwards, no more disposable cups at the hot beverage machines

13 November 2023

Leiden University is taking another step towards a greener campus. In an effort to do our part for a waste-free world, we will no longer offer disposable cups at the hot beverage machines starting November 15th. In the university restaurants and cafes, these cups were previously no longer offered. Thus, fewer and fewer disposable cups circulate on campus.

Don't have your own cup with you? Then choose a Billie Cup, the sustainable solution. The Billie Cup works via a deposit system and is available at every restaurant and café and through our School Supply vending machines.

It works as follows:

  1. Pay a 1 euro deposit for your Billie Cup.
  2. Enjoy your hot drinks throughout the day.
  3. When you go home, turn in your used Billie Cup at one of our restaurants or cafes. You will then receive a Billie Coin that you can use to pick up a clean cup next time, or get a euro discount on your order when you turn it in. Please note: a maximum of one coin can be turned in per order.

If the restaurant or café is already closed, you can also exchange your Billie Cup for a Billie Coin at the  reception.

Thanks to your efforts, we can save about 800,000 disposable cups every year. Together we are making a difference!

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