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Panel members wanted: Diversity in Archaeological Fieldwork Settings

15 November 2023

Archaeological fieldwork usually requires relocation to contexts where different stakeholders, with different perspectives and clashing values, aim to collaborate. Students and staff often cohabitate for weeks, while also sharing experiences with community partners.

The societal challenges that these circumstances engender are not often openly discussed, let alone incorporated into fieldwork codes of conduct, which normally only tackle appropriate vs. inappropriate behaviors. This project aims to fill that vacuum by creating a safe, honest, and respectful place -confidential discussion circles- within the Faculty to discuss the urgency for more inclusive fieldwork guidelines, including the wider spectrum of challenges faced by archaeologists in the field.

What are we planning to do?

We aim to organize a series of discussion circles that will be moderated by a third party (non FdA member), to ensure confidentiality, trust, and safety. The goal is to share experiences regarding fieldwork challenges that are normally not incorporated in regular discussions, such as the pressure of cohabitating with people with whom we have hierarchical relationships of power (e.g. students and lecturers) as well as exposure to cultural practices that are in conflict with our own values (e.g. child marriage).

What do we need?

We need volunteers (students of all levels, PhD researchers, staff) who are willing to share their experiences in a completely safe space. Based on the response to the call, we will create different and separate discussion circles (e.g. BA students, (r)MA students, PhD researchers, staff). The groups will collectively decide the topics and desired outcomes (if any).

How can this help you?

Sharing tough experiences in safe environment can help open the conversation about topics that are usually neglected as a result of a discipline culture. Opening to these discussions helps deal with personal challenges as well as improve your professional practice.

We will offer coffee, tea, and snacks during the discussion circles.

Each group will decide the time/date of the meeting, and whether they want to do one meeting or more than one.

Are you interested in joining in on this initiative?

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