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The academic year is in full swing: Looking for management talent

16 November 2023

The academic year is in full swing and the faculty is working hard on teaching, research, and various societal issues – all according to our core values: Connecting, Innovating, Responsible and Free.

We are currently looking for management talent for a number of positions at the faculty. If you have already gained administrative experience or would like to develop further and use those qualities to contribute to the various themes at the faculty, there will be ample opportunities for this in a number of positions in the near future:

Supervised by the Director of Education, the Programme Director is responsible for promoting cohesion in the degree programme, monitoring quality, as well as the general monitoring of students’ study progress.  The degree programme is developed and maintained as a coherent set of course components, aimed at achieving well-defined objectives in terms of knowledge, insight and skills that students should possess on completion of the degree programme. The Programme Directors together form the Education Board, chaired by the Director of Education.

The faculty seeks to connect and innovate, in line with the six university strategic ambitions. One of these ambitions is Ample scope for talent and development, in particular professional education. In line with this ambition, the Faculty Board is looking for a Vice-Dean for the management of the Leiden Law Academy.

Our faculty provides high-quality academic research and initial (advanced) education. However, the government sees a broader social task for universities, aimed not only at educating students but increasingly also at (re)training working people (via lifelong development). Developments in society are changing the demands made on (legal) professionals. They have a strong desire to acquire new skills, update previously acquired knowledge or embark on a new career path. Therefore, over the past two and a half years, a new operational and financial basis for Legal PAO (postacademic education) has been established from the existing activities, with the label Leiden Law Academy. The Academy is also an important partner of the Executive Board in encouraging and broadly expanding lifelong development within the university.

Leiden Law Academy has two departments: (1) Legal PAO and (2) Conferences and Events. The operational management of the departments is the responsibility of a Head of Department. The Head of Department works together with the Dean and Vice-Dean who are responsible for the academic quality and development of the Academy.

The most important activities for the next years:

(1) developing the range of courses offered by Legal PAO;
(2) developing Leiden Law Academy as a premium brand;
(3) transition to lifelong development as an integral part of the social mission;

(4) connecting to university-wide lifelong learning project.

If you have any questions, please contact the current Dean Jean-Pierre van der Rest.

The faculty has appointed a new Dean as of 1 January 2024. The next step is to fill in the other positions in the Faculty Board. The faculty is therefore looking for a Vice-Dean Education and a Vice-Dean Research, who, together with the Dean (who has overall responsibility for the faculty), will be responsible for ensuring the management of the faculty, the scientific basis of research, teaching, organisation, and the development of a long-term vision. In addition, the task of monitoring faculty research and teaching, also in relation to broader, important themes such as internationalisation and inclusion. It is the task of the members of the Faculty Board to work together on these themes.

Other important and more general tasks include monitoring, promoting, and ensuring quality within the Vice-Dean’s area of responsibility, together with preparing internal and external evaluations and ensuring the implementation of recommendations.

The Vice-Dean preferably has extensive administrative experience and enjoys support within the faculty. The Vice-Dean is a member of the Faculty Board and the portfolio is shared with the Dean. In the division of tasks within the portfolio, the focus of the Dean is more strategic and external, and that of the Vice-Dean is more related to coordination and internal. Withing their portfolio, the Vice-Dean is responsible for the organisation, integration, coordination, and monitoring of quality, as well as the implementation of the strategic policy together with faculty and university forums. In addition, the Vice-Dean participates in decisions about how resources in the multiannual budget plan are spent that are necessary for the faculty’s primary tasks and for the ambitions set out in the Faculty Strategic Plan 2022-2027.

To build on the foundations already laid at the faculty and to jointly expand the faculty's academic and social impact even further, we are looking for colleagues who have the talent to initiate cooperation through connection. Colleagues who are open to innovation, who will also take this to a higher level with other administrators within the faculty, who have a sense of responsibility for administrative tasks, propagating ownership, and generating action within the organisation. Working on this together in order to develop an inspiring, attractive and safe environment for study and work.

A small committee led by Professor Jan Adriaanse will be actively looking for possible candidates for the above-mentioned posts and also making enquiries among faculty managers. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact Gertia Knorr by e-mail or telephone +31 71 527 7638. This can be done by 1 December 2023 at the latest. 

Your name will then be forwarded for the attention of the committee which will consider inviting you for an interview with a view to nominating you to the Dean as a candidate. Whatever the outcome, you will be notified by HR.

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