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Terms of Employment Individual Choices Model open from 1 February

1 February 2024

Do you commute to work and back home again on one day at least once a week? Or do you have a University Sports Centre or SportCity membership? Then you can offset the costs against your gross salary, end-of-year bonus or holiday allowance via the Individual Choices Model. The Individual Choices Model allows you to assemble to some extent your own package of terms and conditions. View all the options.

Submit your application on time

You can submit your application for the Individual Choices Model from 1 February:

  • You can use your holiday allowance until 30 April.
  • You can use your gross salary until 30 November.
  • Please note: You can use your end-of-year bonus until 31 October. 

An exception is made for commuting expenses. These can be offset against your holiday allowance until 30 November.

Some changes have been made as of this year.

  • As a one-off in 2024, the end-of-year bonus will be calculated over 11 instead of 12 months. This means that you can only use your end-of-year bonus over 11 months this year.
  • From now on, the individual choices model will be offset against your end-of-year bonus in your November salary payment.
  • If you are buying or selling leave hours, as of 2024 the value of one leave hour will be based on the first day of the month on which you make the request. For example: if you buy or sell leave hours on 24 June, then 1 June is the reference date for the value of these leave hours.
  • If you have a function-based contract, you can purchase leave via the individual choices model but can no longer participate in the long-term savings option.

You can submit most applications for the individual choices model online via Self Service. Read about how to submit an application in this knowledge item. Requests that use a different form from in Self Service have a longer processing time. For these, it is even more important to submit your application on time.

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