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Apply for a PhD scholarship for a candidate with a migration background (Mosaic 2.0)

22 March 2024

Mosaic 2.0 is a PhD scholarship programme of NWO aimed at graduates with a migration background. The procedure consists of a pre-proposal and a full proposal. Any research topic can be eligible. 

Who can apply?

PhD researchers are applicants themselves and submit a pre-proposal or full application, in agreement with the intended PhD supervisor and daily supervisor. 

The candidate:

  • At the time of submitting the preliminary application, applicants are in possession of a university master's degree and have obtained either a bachelor's or a master's degree in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
  • An application can only be submitted by one applicant (not for another applicant, duos or (research) groups).
  • The applicant is in possession of Dutch nationality or a valid residence permit (type II or IV) at the time of submitting the preliminary application. This is a strict requirement and this is possible not be deviated from.
  • The applicant is migrant and born in one of the following countries of origin residing in level 2: Outside Europe (to be specific: Turkey, Morocco, Suriname and Indonesia); level 3: Other Outside Europe (to be specific, countries of origin residing in Other Africa and Other Asia). Countries of origin in Other America and Oceania are ruled out, except for Central and South America, the Caribbean region and the indigenous populations of Other America and Oceania. And/or: The applicant is child of migrants of which at least one of the parents of the applicant is born in one of the abovementioned countries of origin.


  • Pre-proposal: 21 May 14.00 hours
  • Full application: 5 November 14.00 hours

Contact the grant advisor

The pre-proposal focuses primarily on the candidate‚Äôs profile and research idea. If you plan to submit an application, please contact the grant advisor of your institution or faculty. The advisor can guide you and the candidate through the application process and answer your questions. The advisor will also evaluate the research idea and the candidate's CV. 

First results

The assessment committee advises the Executive Board of NOW that will make the decision on the pre-proposals and full applications in respectively September 2024 and the end of May/beginning of June 2025.

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