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Want to know more about the Faculty Council? Come and join us for a drink in the Foobar on 21 March

14 March 2024

The Faculty Council of Science is the representative body of our Faculty, whose role it is to critically follow the Faculty Board, to advise and sometimes participate in decisions on important issues. On Thursday 21 March, the Faculty Council is organising a get-together in the Foobar. If you have ideas, questions or feedback for the faculty or want to hear more about what the Faculty Council is working on, come along! 


University elections will be held from 22 to 25 April 2024. As a student, you can stand this year for the University Council and the Faculty Council. Interested in knowing more about the Faculty Council? Faculty Council members can tell you all about it.

Location: Foobar, Snellius
Date: 21 maart 2024
Time: starts at 17.00 hr

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