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Leiden University is upgrading to Windows 11: what will this mean for you?

23 April 2024

In the coming months, the new operating system Windows 11 will be installed on all desktops and laptops managed by Leiden University. This will involve all staff who have a managed Windows workplace.

Leiden University is switching to Windows 11 as the standard operating system. In order to ensure a smooth transition, an ISSC team will visit every location to carry out the upgrade of the laptops and desktops on site. We request your co-operation when it is the turn of the workplaces in your building.

Why is the university moving to Windows 11?

  1. Windows 10 is due for replacement: Microsoft has announced that the support for Windows 10 will be discontinued in the coming year. Windows 11 is its replacement.
  2. Windows 11 is fitted out for the new way of working: increasingly, staff members work in various locations, on and off the University premises. Windows 11 is cloud-based and fully designed to work work together with Microsoft 365.
  3. Hybrid working is better supported with Windows 11: with a (wireless) network connection and VPN, you can install software from any location via the company portal.  
  4. Working with Windows 11 is more secure. Your (security) updates are always current and your files are saved in the cloud so that they will not be lost should your laptop be lost or stolen. The data storage in the cloud complies with the university’s GDPR and security requirements. And, if you als connect using eduVPN, you will have secure access to all university systems, wherever you are working.

What is expected of you?

During the upgrade, you will receive instructions on how to start using Windows 11. You will need to take some steps in preparation, in order to secure any files and programmes that are now only stored locally.

When your faculty or institute is scheduled for the upgrade, in the coming weeks or months, you will receive a message. Do you use a laptop? Then you will be able to select the time and date for the upgrade of your device. Sign up for your time slot as soon as possible through the link that you will receive. If you use a desktop, then the date and time for the upgrade will be determined in consultation with your information manager.  

Please prepare for the migration in advance by transferring the contents of your P Drive to OneDrive, if you have not already done so. Ensure that all locally stored data, information on special software, personal settings, email signatures, etc. are saved in the cloud, make a note of which shared e-mail addresses you use, and make sure your synchronisation is switched on.

You will receive instructions on how to do this at the time of your location’s scheduled upgrade. 

More information

If you wish to know more about Windows 11, go to the helpdesk portal: Knowledge Item KI 4455 From Windows 10 to Windows 11 answers many questions. If you wish to know more OneDrive, consult the Knowledge Item KI 4307 FAQ OneDrive. There is also an ISSC Special OneDrive Newsletter.

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