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Nominate a mid-career researcher for the Ammodo Science Award for Fundamental Research

4 July 2024

Do you know an internationally recognised mid-career researcher who has made outstanding contributions to their field and is capable of making an innovative contribution to unfettered fundamental research? Then propose this candidate now for the Ammodo Science Award for Fundamental Research.

About this award

Every two years, the Ammodo Foundation awards eight prizes to mid-career scientists in the Netherlands who conduct high-quality, internationally recognised research and who have the potential to explore new avenues in fundamental scientific research. Two prizes are awarded in each of the following four subject areas: social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, and biomedical sciences. Laureates receive €350,000 to spend on a fundamental scientific research project. The rector, faculty deans, and three or more professors affiliated with a Dutch university acting together may nominate candidates for these awards until 27 September 2024. Each nominator may nominate up to two candidates per domain.

Propose a candidate

Propose a candidate

Do you know of a scientist affiliated to our university who meets the conditions and assessment criteria listed below? Then nominate this potential candidate now to your Scientific Director or Director of Research! They may then soon nominate this candidate for internal faculty consideration and selection of the two candidates that each faculty dean may nominate (per domain). Three or more jointly acting professors may also submit their own nominations. A selection of the candidates nominated through deans or professors may also be nominated by the Rector as double-nominations.

Those who are eligible to be nominated:

  • are excellent, internationally recognised mid-career researchers, who:
  • are considered capable of making an innovative contribution to unfettered fundamental scientific research;
  • have received their PhD between five to fifteen years prior to the year of nomination (reference date 1 January), so between 1 January 2009 and 31 December 2018. The Ammodo extension scheme applies to this term; and
  • have an appointment at a Dutch university or a Dutch research institute (Research Institute).

Nominations are assessed by domain-specific Advisory Committees (natural sciences, social sciences, biomedical sciences, en humanities). The nominations are assessed based on the following criteria:

I. The scientific quality of the candidate, which will be determined using criteria commonly used for assessing quality in the candidate’s field of expertise, including (but not limited to):

a) the candidate’s contribution to the development of her/his field of study;
b) the candidate’s unique contribution to groundbreaking research or groundbreaking publications;
c) the candidate’s memberships of (inter)national juries, review boards, scientific editorial boards, scientific academies or other relevant organizations;
d) (international) scientific recognitions, including scientific prizes and grants awarded to the candidate;
e) the way in which the candidate’s research distinguishes itself from that of comparable (international) research in terms of quality, originality, results, publications and/or future prospects.

In assessing scientific quality, the greatest weight should be given to the criteria mentioned under a and b.

II. The extent to which the candidate is considered capable of making an innovative contribution to fundamental scientific research.

More information

Further information about this nomination can be found on the website about this prize. There you can find the Regulations, the nomination form in English (also available in Dutch), the extension scheme, an overview of previous laureates, the composition of the Advisory Committees, and more.

In case of questions please contact Anna Terra Verhage, policy advisor at SAZ (a.t.j.verhage@bb.leidenuniv.nl).

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