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Printed materials and templates

Do you need business cards, letter paper or other materials printed? Or do you need flyers, posters, roll-up banners or theses? Please contact the Graphic Centre of the University Services Department. They can also be hired to do layout or DTP work. The Graphic Centre can also produce displays, advertising signs, banners or other promotional materials for you.

Advice on how to use the University's house style

Do you need advice on how to use the University's house style in various kinds of printed materials? Please contact Strategic Communication & Marketing (SCM). They can also give advice on selecting a designer or photographer. SCM works with freelancers and external agencies that are familiar with the University’s house style.

Printed materials

The Graphic Centre of the University Services Department is open on workdays from 8.30 to 17.00. The Graphic Centre takes care of the graphic design and production of communication materials, such as business cards, letter paper, envelopes, invitations, theses, posters, flyers or advertisements.

Graphic Centre

Willem Einthovengebouw
Kolffpad 1
Tel: 071 527 3116

Business Cards

You can order Leiden University business cards online.

  • Additions to an existing business card can be emailed to grafischcentrum@ufb.leidenuniv.nl.
  • The reverse of the business card is normally blue, although white is also permitted. You can use the reverse of the business card for a translated version of your card.
  • The cards will be printed after you have checked the proof and have given your approval.
  • Each box contains 125 business cards and costs € 55.
  • Delivery time is around 10 working days.

More information can be found at Graphic Products supply conditions.

Order form business cards



Do you need a logo of Leiden University or do you need to find the right font for your letter? Please find these on the Leiden University visual identity website. The website also gives examples of banners, newsletters or advertisements in the University’s visual identity.

Promotional material

For production of displays, advertising signs, banners, large posters, signposting or other promotional materials, please contact:

Graphic Centre

Willem Einthoven Building
Kolffpad 1, ground floor
Tel: 071 527 2609

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