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IMPACT with science communication

What do you consider impact? Is it publishing a peer-reviewed paper, and hoping a lot of people will read it? In this workshop we look beyond academia and make you think about your goal, audience and the message you are sending. How do you plan to achieve that people want to pay attention to what you are saying?

Stephan van Duin
Starting dates 2024
18 April, 7 June

Target group

This workshop is intended for postdoctoral researchers, assistant professors (UD), associate professors (UHD) and professors.

IMPACT with science communication

Using short interactive exercises, we help you determine your message and goal (spoiler alert: it’s never just ‘informing’ the public). We then zoom in to help you step into the shoes of your target audience, and teach you what steps you need to take to prevent your message from being misunderstood. We briefly cover all aspects of science communication and how they can contribute to your impact as a scientist. Whether it’s writing a paper, giving a presentation, creating an infographic, being visible on social media, or appearing in a television show. After this workshop, you'll be able to think about the connection between your research output and changing society.

What you will learn:

  • How do you formulate your message and goal?
  • How do you connect your message to your audience?
  • How to optimize the chance that your message creates the impact you desire?
  • Which medium is the best fit for your message
  • Inspiration, examples and tips on (new) ways to communicate your research
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