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Training course for education managers and leaders

Leiden University has a long history of academic traditions. At the same time, we innovate and lead in many areas of science. Developments within our organisation and beyond are rapid, which calls for flexible and connecting leadership. The course for educational managers/leaders contributes to leadership within complex (educational) organisations.

Target group
Teresa Cardoso Ribeiro (Publidox)
Training course

Target group

This training course will help present and future directors of education, programme directors and programme chairs take on their role in managing the educational process, both within departments and across departments and institutes.

Learning objectives

  • Clarifying the role of education managers/leaders: with one another other and with administrators and guest lecturers
  • Becoming familiar with and able to use different influencing styles and interview techniques
  • Gaining a deeper knowledge of our internal organisation, university frameworks, quality assurance process, including educational inspections and accreditations, and assessing educational programmes based on the vision on teaching and learning
  • Reflecting on your own leadership: working smart within the context of Leiden University
  • Building your network within the university with departments and other education managers and leaders.


The training course focuses on:

  • Exploring the personal challenges that the role of education manager/leader entails
  • Expanding your knowledge and leadership skills
  • Operating and influencing in the Leiden University context
  • Managing the education process, determining your own path in this process and inspiring others to follow this path with you
  • Expanding your network of manager/leader colleagues and internal specialists

After completing the course

After the course, you will have a better understanding of your role as an education manager/leader. You will have a clear picture of your own responsibilities and powers; you will be aware of the arena in which you operate and how you relate to it; and you will be able to carry out, and where necessary, define your role.


This course comprises six half-days, grouped into four sessions and spread across a period of about two months. In addition to providing participants with knowledge and helping them develop leadership skills, the course offers a network of manager/leader colleagues and internal specialists who can advise them in their day-to-day work. The basic principle is that participants learn from and with one another by means of peer feedback as well as from their own case studies.

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