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Feeling-good Choir (pop/jazz/rock/r&b)

Thursday from 17:00-18:15 h. (start 2 weeks later than originally planned)

Aleksandra Popovska

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Do you love singing? Do you love singing with others? Well here’s an opportunity for you to join the Feeling Good choir for an 8-week course.
This course is for intermediate singers and the ones that had a bit of singing experience or are willing to study at home in between the lessons.

Singing together can stir our hearts, and connecting with others through singing can add meaning to our lives, can shape our view of the world around us, and can enrich our lives. 
In this course, you will learn about vocal production and choral performance techniques, improve your listening skills, discover elements and characteristics of different styles of music, learn about group improvisation, and sing acapella and in 3-4 part harmonies. Each session will provide you with professional voice training to equip you with tools and techniques to help you sing the material and progress your vocal development. Standard vocal training including breath control, and vocal coaching to strengthen the voice, dynamics, and range will be addressed.
Repertoire: pop/jazz/rock/ r & b, etc

Aleksandra Popovska’s career spans two decades and several countries; she is known internationally as a singer, voice teacher, composer, and community choir leader. Her work has taken her to over fifteen countries collaborating and inspiring many students and artists. She was trained in various music disciplines (voice, a composition for media, music education, and music production) in  The Netherlands, UK and Macedonia.
She had more than a hundred performances on various podia around the world (to name a few: Rotterdam Opera Festival, Neuköllner Oper-Berlin, Macedonian National Opera & Ballet, etc.).
Aleksandra participated in recordings of over fifteen CDs in different music genres.
Aleksandra is a member of the Dutch Asociation of vocal pedagogues  and Dutch Asociation of composers.

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