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Arts and leisure - Visual arts

2 Day workshop Silkscreening

Friday 5 & Friday 19 April from 13:00-16:30 h

Resi van der Ploeg

For whom
For beginners and for people who already have some experience with screen printing.

Once you have made a silkscreen, you will notice that this printing technique has been unjustly forgotten. It produces bright and colorful results and is labour-intensive but a lot of fun to do. In this workshop silkscreening, the basis of this technique is explained in such a way that students can continue with it at home. We  print with watercolors and paper templates in a home, garden and kitchen way so that you can continue working with it at home. You are allowed to experiment a lot and drawing experience is not necessary.

Material is present in the workshop. 

Resi van der Ploeg graduated in 1994 from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Resi is active as an artist, teacher of visual arts and she works as a project leader for Museum De Lakenhal.

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