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Didactics - Testing and assessment

Tips & tricks for organising peer feedback

Design and redesign your own teaching practice to incorporate peer feedback.

Target group

How do you prepare your students for giving peer feedback? What can you expect from the quality of the feedback they give each other? How can you improve the quality of peer feedback? In this workshop, you will learn how to set up peer feedback for your own educational context.

Peer feedback is being used more and more in higher education and parallel to this development, research on peer feedback has increased as well. We will share with you some insights from research on peer feedback. You will use these insights to make a plan for implementing peer feedback in your own teaching practice.


This four hour workshop starts with a brief discussion of theoretical insights to peer feedback. Then, helped by the instructors and other participants in the workshop, you will design or redesign your own teaching practice to incorporate peer feedback. Of course, we will practice what we preach by critically discussing each other’s plans, ideas, and rationales.

Learning objectives

  • Name several key factors for successful implementation of peer feedback;
  • Explain how to prepare students for giving, receiving and using peer feedback;  
  • Design or redesign your educational practice to incorporate peer feedback;  
  • Feel confident that you can make informed decisions to (iteratively) adjust the peer feedback process in your own teaching practice.
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