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Pitfalls for advanced writers of Academic English (Graduate School FSW)

This short course focuses on the specific problems encountered by non-native speakers of English in writing about their research.

Target group
PhD candidate
Maria Sherwood-Smith  (Academic English Lecturer)
Training course
Maximum number of participants

Topics covered include: 

  • use of tenses 
  • paragraph length and coherence 
  • punctuation 
  • hedging strategies.  

The emphasis will vary depending on participants' specific problems and needs. The course is specifically concerned with writing at the paragraph and sentence level, and does not address questions of over-all structure such as ‘what do I put in the Introduction?’ or ‘where does my literature review go?’ – these issues are often discipline-related, and are usually taken care of in the writing courses provided by the Institutes themselves.

There will be some in-class exercises, and participants will be asked to send in a short sample of their own writing, so that individual problems may be addressed.     


In the interest of an optimal learning experience, the instructor reserves the right to adjust the composition of groups to include representatives of the different Institutes as much as possible – so first come, first served will not always be possible

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