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Education Dashboard

Leiden University’s Education Dashboard contains key data for all the university’s degree programmes. Please note that at present the dashboard is only available in Dutch. For more information see the Dutch staff website or send an email to cijfers@bb.leidenuninv.nl.

The dashboard is intended for programme directors, quality assurance officers, teaching staff, lecturers and administrators. 

The Education Dashboard:

  • provides a single location where all reports for each of the bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes can be found;
  • contains reports that visualise key data and data on teaching evaluations at programme, faculty and university level;
  • has a manual that explains all the reports and the definitions used.
  • contains the ‘Aanmeldingendashboard’ (via Studenten > Detailpagina > Aanmeldingen), in which the registrations for the bachelor, master semester I and master semester II can be found.

How to log in

Log in to the Education Dashboard with your ULCN account. Are you unable to log in? Please report the issue via the helpdesk portal. For questions about the dashboard and/or the reports, please contact cijfers@bb.leidenuniv.nl.

Log in to the Education Dashboard

The information in the dashboard can be used to help monitor and improve the quality of education. Educational professionals can also use the dashboard to compare and discuss the performance of courses (good practices), since it also provides a complete overview per degree programme, education phase, institute and faculty. 

The quality of education is an integral part of the internal quality assurance cycle. The topic is covered in programme annual reports, faculty annual reports and the university’s annual report.


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